KeyDev Dedicated Servers

Managed Hosting Services

We offer a broad line of managed dedicated servers, from entry level to advanced and latest high performance servers in the industry.

Each server is set up to ensure your machine is ready to launch any type of website. Access to skilled resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is basic monitoring and maintenance, or you need round-the-clock development to meet deadlines, we got you covered.


Managed hosting differs from dedicated hosting in that managed hosting services ensure your site stays up and offers specific support for your website with support options when things go wrong.


This is the first phase of any managed hosting package sometimes known as the setup and it covers all planning and provisioning before your turn-up.


We provide monitoring on three different scales. Server, Software and Network. Server monitoring is the core practice that ensures your hardware configurations are both sufficient moving forward and also operating as intended. Software monitoring performed at Layer-7 ensures your applications are running as expected and finally the network monitoring ensures your connectivity is up and running.


Anything from a simple document to an entire project can greatly disrupt your ability to work. This is why we provide the KeyDev Managed Service to backup your systems on three aspects. We provide File level backups, System level backups and Network level backups available to you at all times through a simple web based control panel.


Whether you are about to go live for the first time or have been in business for years, your goal is to quickly reach a larger audience. At KeyDev, we ensure we always have resources to scale your operations to your desired boundaries. We do so by giving you access to our inventory of hardware, software and networking gear.

Consulting Services

Not sure what you need? Our staff is ready to learn about your business and help assess your needs. Our engineers have tackled many highly complex challenges and developed reliable and extensible solutions