KeyDev Dedicated Servers

Hybrid Hosting

Combines physical hosting, virtual hosting, and managed services to build heterogeneous solutions fit to sets of requirements driven by workload and application needs.

Utilize the power of our feature rich Managed Dedicated Servers while unlocking the flexibility of Cloud Hosting. We provide several deployment options including Vmware, Xen, Openstack, Cloudstack and Proxmox.


By keeping dedicated servers running along with your virtualization instances (Esxi, Hyper-V, Xen or KVM), you can customize everything from server specifications, storage devices, load balancers and firewalls in a manner that is exclusive to our hybrid hosting platform.


Our hybrid platform can also be customized to the network layer, giving you access to your own VLAN tags for traffic separation and filtering.

Easy to Build

Setting up Hybrid Hosting solutions with KeyDev is very simple task whether you already host your own private cloud or use services from public cloud providers. If you are plannign to move from Amazon or Rackspace, we can guide you in every aspect of the migration.

Consulting Services

Not sure what you need? Our staff is ready to learn about your business and help assess your needs. Our engineers have tackled many highly complex challenges and developed reliable and extensible solutions