Beyond IP :)

Key Developments, LLC

We are an hybrid hosting services provider located in Miami, FL providing services in the area of co-location, and managed data center solutions.

We are dedicated to serving clients across the US and overseas. Our two data center locations in Miami ensure best connectivity to East Coast, West Coast and South America. Both locations are set up to provide redundancy for each other, promoting ongoing commitment to service quality and uptime.


We are a privately-held, 100% debt free corporation allowing us to deliver services that work without being distracted by profit-centric investor demands.


Our skills come from our experience in planning, designing, deploying and supporting critical applications, infrastructures, solutions, and communication services. We believe in quality assurance, and we strive to be excellent in all aspects of our operations from the first screw on the rack to the last cable on the switch.


Our network connects directly to all major Internet backbones using the industry standard BGP-4 with multiple redundant paths. This allows our internet traffic to be automatically re-routed to guard against network outages, failures and inconsistencies ensuring that servers colocated with us are always available.


Our network core is located at the Nap of the Americas, and we have a redundant point-to-point link to Miami Data Vault.


We provide a comprehensive suite of hosting and managed data center services includings - Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Hosting, Managed Services, Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery and Web Application Development.


We work really hard to ensure our clients enjoy the latest in technology and at margins low enough to allow us stay competitive and be fair. Give us a try, we will do our best to beat any quotation out there.